Late Summer’s Luscious Bounty

Scholz Farm

Late summer strolls in lazily and so many wonders follow.  The sweetheart of summer the ripe, juicy peach, tart plum, sweet pear and the crisp apple are available at local stands and markets, and the farmers bins, boxes and flats are overflowing with the season’s luscious bounty.

Here in the Orting Valley, there are several farms nestled tightly down in our little hollow.   Spooner FarmsTahoma FarmsLittle Eorthe FarmCrying Rock Farms and my personal favorite, Scholz Farm.   My sweet three and I have made it a tradition to visit the Pumpkin Palace U- Pick Pumpkin Patch at Scholz nearly every year, choosing the best pumpkins to first be part of the Fall front porch decor then back again to choose those that will become part of our stunning and slightly wicked Halloween vignette.

The 4th generation run Scholz Farm is located off of State Rt 162 East and operates a small retail store on site that is open daily, April through the end of October, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  The products available on site are farm fresh eggs, their own stellar line of bottled products, fresh produce grown right there in the fields and more fruits and vegetables brought in by friends from Eastern Washington.  If you have a chance, stop in for their sweet corn, have the kids shuck it, throw the husks in the bin and head home to throw in a pot or place on the BBQ.

October 1st marks the official opening of the famous Pumpkin Palace and Harvest Store.  Toss the kids in the car and spend a couple of hours browsing the huge pumpkin patch for the perfect Jack-o-lantern to be, sip sweet, hot cider or chocolate and munch on a doughnut or other sweet treat.  Look at the animals, follow the little ones through the free Corn Maze and at the end of it all, visit the Harvest Store and take home fresh apples, pumpkins, potatoes, onions and perhaps a jar of their famous apple or pumpkin butter.

For more information visit Scholz Farm on Facebook and seasonal information for the local farming community is always available at

Scholz Farm

253-848-7604 / 12920 State Rte 162 E / Orting, WA

Tahoma Farms

253-376–8604 / 21108 Orville Rd East / Orting, WA

Little Eorthe Farm

253-576-8950 / 21415 Orville Rd East / Orting, WA

Crying Rock Farms

253-302-1672 / 21018 Orville Rd East / Orting, WA

Spooner Farms

253-840-2059 / 9622 State Rte 162 E / Puyallup, WA

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