Chef Luca Manfè’s Elegant Strawberry Shortcake Twist

foto-homeThe last big barbecue of summer is around the corner and if you are searching for a twist on standard favs, MasterChef 4 winner, chef Luca Manfe has the ultimate recipe.

Since Labor Day weekend lies dead center in the back to school arena, time can really be a tight commodity. Saving a few minutes here and there while prepping foods for your gathering can be a huge asset, which may mean using pre-made foods from your local grocer. The recipe below is a perfect example of how this can be done, while still creating a major portion from scratch.

Strawberry Shortcake with Bauli Mini Chocolate Croissants and Whipped Cream


food-healthy-fruits-kitchen-largeBauli Mini Chocolate Croissants, halved
1 C Heavy whipping cream
¼ C Powdered sugar
1 t Vanilla extract
1 C Strawberries, cut in quarters
2 T Lemon juice
1 T White wine (optional)
1 T Granulated sugar
Fresh mint

Bring the heavy cream, powdered sugar and vanilla to a volume with a whisk or a stand mixer.
Toss the strawberries with white wine, lemon juice, sugar and chopped mint.

Strawberry Shortcake CroissantPlating
Place 2 halved mini croissants on a plate, cover each one with 1 T of whipped cream and finish off with strawberries.

A huge thank you to Chef Luca Manfè and his team for this recipe. If you would like to learn more, Follow this link.

Bauli Mini Croissants

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