angel food strawberry shortcake

Dreaming of warm weather? We have the perfect cake for you. The best part of summer is picking fresh berries and using them in culinary creations or simply eating them fresh off the vine. While strawberries are readily available at your local grocer, picking them up at a farmers' market or simply picking them yourself, … Continue reading angel food strawberry shortcake

Chef Luca Manfè’s Elegant Strawberry Shortcake Twist

The last big barbecue of summer is around the corner and if you are searching for a twist on standard favs, MasterChef 4 winner, chef Luca Manfe has the ultimate recipe. Since Labor Day weekend lies dead center in the back to school arena, time can really be a tight commodity. Saving a few minutes here and … Continue reading Chef Luca Manfè’s Elegant Strawberry Shortcake Twist

Strawberries, Prawns and Love

An intimate candle-lit dinner for two, creating a culinary masterpiece in your own kitchen to share with your love in the glow of a warm fire is a romantic and delicious way to spend Valentine's Evening.  I have collected two recipes for today's post to start the creative juices flowing.  Add a glass of Champagne … Continue reading Strawberries, Prawns and Love