it’s all in the timing

Spring has sprung yet it came in with barely a whisper. With so much going on in the world, did any of us really even notice spring’s entrance this year? All of the changes over the past couple of months have brought uncertainty to the forefront as we wait for  the world to turn again. What we do know is, everything had changed seemingly overnight and as businesses open and life begins to take shape again, our new normal will not be the normal we once knew. At least not for a while.

social distance illustration IIWe have seen what happens when the public panics, when our basic supply chains are threatened and when the medical community, local and federal governments all disagree with each other. The fallout lands on us, and we the public are unsure how to navigate these new waters.

Turn off the noise
Social media can be an amazing tool for connecting with your community, knowing where to donate and pickup goods, where to buy items in stock and for getting tips and tricks for learning new skills. It can also trigger depression, anger, fear, anxiety and panic. There is a fine line between staying positively informed and becoming over-saturated with chaos. Take control of your newsfeed and shut off the noise.

Old “new” trends
What’s going on during social distancing? Comfort foods are trending! Breads, quick breads, chicken soup and stews have been at the center of family meals these past couple of months. According to google, the top 10 recipes or recipe ingredients searched online have been:

  1. baking illustrationBanana Bread
  2. Pizza Dough
  3. French Toast
  4. Chocolate Cake
  5. Whipped Coffee | Dalgona Coffee
  6. Chicken Breast recipes
  7. Carrot Cake
  8. Ground Beef recipes
  9. Fried Rice recipes
  10. Chocolate Chip Cookies

What’s trending on Pinterest, April 2020

  1. Health and Wellness
  2. Parenting
  3. Food
  4. Beauty and personal care

It’s all in the timing
grandma in the kitchen illustrationAs children, many of us remember our grandmothers chiding us for being wasteful. She taught us basic skills like growing our food, putting up the harvest and cooking from scratch. She told us to teach these basics to our children because one day, we will need these skills for survival. How well did we listen? Well we are listening now.

Over the past year, Basil & Salt has undergone quite a few changes. We shuttered for a bit and regrouped with the assistance of Designing A Simple Life and now we are rolled into one complete package and our timing couldn’t be more relevant.

Where Basil & Salt previously resided in tasting rooms and salons, our focus for almost a year has been about designing that simpler life and becoming more self-sufficient. This past winter we were asking you to slow down, spend more time with family, gather and cook together. While this current scenario isn’t quite what we had in mind, I hope we will find and hang on to good things that have come out of this.

First let me back up and say I know people of have lost family members to this virus. Communities have lost leaders and first responders. There have been haunting and horrific scenes all over the world and the economic vibrations will be felt for years to come, both on personal and business levels. I do not wish to diminish these facts by talking about moving forward and embracing the positives.

What I would like to point out is, through tragedies and hardship, the human spirit is resilient. We have always grasped hope and used it as a corner stone for rebuilding. Yes, things have changed, and we will all move in a different way than we have before, but we will move forward.

Basil & Salt Magazine 
We wish to bring you outstanding, relevant content. In our new issues we talk about:

  • livestock illustrationGrowing your own food
  • Putting up your harvest
  • Gourmet recipes
  • Growing, harvesting, drying and cooking with herbs
  • Making butter and cheese
  • Cooking outdoors
  • Interior and exterior DIY
  • Cocktails and mocktails
  • Wine tasting and great brews (yes! Even how to make your own!)
  • Travel
  • …and more!

I would love to hear from you and discuss any ideas you have for future articles or broadcast topics. Please feel free to send me an email at:

As always, I am raising a glass to you.

Karie Engels




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