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Home & Decoration’s Exclusive Interview with Andrea Sensoli

SUPERFUTUREDESIGN*, a sister of ASZarchitetti, founded by Andrea Sensoli with three partners Cecilia Morosi, Iacopo Mannelli, and Andrea Rettori.

The brand specializes in providing luxurious architectural designs to renowned clients in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and prides itself to be one of the best firms in the world for 3D visualization of architectural design. The Company has the vision to leave a footprint all over the globe with award-winning architecture that can be interpreted as the best representation of the times we live in. It wants to leave behind a legacy that will create a bridge between traditions of the past and upcoming trends of the future.

What Andrea Sensoli loves the most about his work is that is a high synthesis of everyone’s daily life, manners, and habits. It’s real, multifaceted, tangible, and it engages the whole community. The most challenging time of his career was the very beginning of it. “The most significant challenges were when I had nothing and nobody. I managed to navigate these waters and overcame these challenges by compromising and prioritizing the steps forward.” – said the designer. Asked if he already achieved everything in life, the answer was simple. The designer is a grateful person, but still has a hunger for more. “Yes and no. That is because I realize how fortunate it is to be where I am, but also, I need to fulfill more, push my vision further and make my structure stronger. Good, better best, never let it rest, until your good is better and you better is your best!” – said Andrea Sensoli.

“If I consider that the creation of SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* is the most critical milestone, then we have only just started. I want to consolidate the office and become an entity beyond my presence; I want to express more of our vision through designs and propel this into the future.”

– Andrea Sensoli

What entirely fulfills Andrea Sensoli about his work is the feeling of being recognized. “When our actions are not solely appreciated by the client or the end-users but catch the greater public’s attention, which is a fantastic feeling, especially when you consider our pretty innovative attitude.” – said Andrea Sensoli. Inspiring others to think differently through his eyes means everything to the designer. Concluding, in every project he takes on, he challenges all parties involved and pushes everyone’s boundaries to come to innovative ideas. Being recognized for that means incredible progress, not only for him and his company but for all who are involved in each project.

Talking about how he communicates with his audience, Andrea Sensoli likes the seductive talk to catch their attention. “Meaningful messages and inherent beauty are what we want to pursue at every step of our communication, from a pre-qualification pitch to the presentation of a concept or a story on our Instagram page.” – he finished. At the moment he is working on a variety of projects in different segments, from residential to commercial and hospitality. Inspiration comes from life. What excites Andrea the most is not just the requirement but the demand for the “next level”. In his opinion, these requests are when he must look around and see how he can transform – or interpret, the socio-cultural changes into his work. “That feeling that “if we want everything to remain, then everything must change” is exhilarating.” – assumed Andrea Sensoli.

“Minimalism is still very much en vogue, even though it is often enriched with elements of elegance and some decorations. At the same time, there is still space for various decorative styles and even for eclecticism up to kitsch. I prefer minimalism when it is a genuine expression of a quest for authenticity and personality, which goes to the very basic principles of why a particular development is in place.”
– Andrea Sensoli

Describing his type of clients, Andrea Sensoli made it quite simple. His clients are people who perceive the need for a design for the fulfillment of their goals. They are usually private companies or entrepreneurs, achievers, people with a vision or a specific request, and that is why they reach him. They are often intellectually very engaged from process to completion but at the same time open to the challenge. They have an understanding and appreciation for what the designer calls “meaningful beauty”. This explains the diverse portfolio of the group, from products, homes and houses, offices, stores, to resorts.

For this project, the only inspiration was precisely its location. Andrea Sensoli and his team’s mission was to make this house one with its surrounding landscapes and fit for modern-day living, meeting all the criteria of simplicity and sustainability transposed to these times and the ones ahead. The designer’s favorite detail is the windows that regulate the indoor/outdoor relationship and symbolize the inhabitant’s relationship with the surrounding nature. Therefore, they are fully customized and re-engineered. Staying true to the original farmhouse, Andrea Sensoli wanted small apertures, and simultaneously, wanted them to be clear from every possible obstruction. The eye can see a glass panel in a clean wall opening as the window is one single opening. Its frame is totally concealed in the inner side of the wall.

For the future, the designer aims to have a collaborate with the owner of Villa Asciano. He is a renowned photographer, and Andre loves his work. “I’d love to envision that one day we will work together on a personal exhibition. We will push the envelope, and together we will build the complete visitor experience.” – Andrea Sensoli stated.

When it comes to craftsmanship, in Andrea Sensoli’s opinion technology is the real leader. Whereas the masters of technology are the specialized firms, whether contractors or suppliers, It’s the designer’s peculiarity to research ways to implement these technologies, inappropriate and ideally innovative ways. For the future of the design, Andrea defends that it has to be sustainable. “We must take carbon reduction seriously, addressing every element in its lifecycle. It will take a revolution to change our habits, from how we do things and even think about things. We do not solely need to rely on governmental energy policies, and every individual can make better choices. Design plays a massive role in that, and to come full circle, design is everywhere.” – Andrea Sensoli said.

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Crate & Barrel and Leanne Ford Reimagine Hit Collaboration with New Fall and Holiday Collection

The new collection is inspired by the journey of returning home to fresh possibilities

Crate & Barrel announced the latest from the brand’s best-selling collaboration with renowned interior designer, Leanne Ford. After teaming up with Crate & Barrel in 2020, Ford is returning this Fall with a new collection of furniture, decor and tabletop that includes a holiday-focused capsule featuring decor items that bring patina and shine to the most wonderful time of the year.

Leanne Ford for Crate & Barrel

Available exclusively at Crate & Barrel starting Oct. 5, the latest iteration of the Leanne Ford for Crate & Barrel collection draws inspiration across generations as well as Ford’s personal journey from Los Angeles, CA back to her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. The collection incorporates new styles that are inviting in a comfortable, yet modern and design-forward way like the Adia White Wood Platform Queen Bed and Aya Farmhouse Table.

“We were super inspired by the ride with Leanne the first time around and we were thrilled to see that feeling carry through all the way to our customers, who welcomed the collection with joy into their homes,” said Crate & Barrel’s Vice President of Product Design, Sebastian Brauer. “So, we decided to carry our collaboration forward by adding layers to extend the existing line of favorites and also translate it into a cozy Fall aesthetic that blends modern country with romance, Leanne’s language, and signature Crate & Barrel style.”

Leanne Ford for Crate & Barrel

The Fall items offer a fresh take on modern rustic style to give any home an inviting warmth with textures and patterns. The first-ever Leanne Ford for Crate & Barrel holiday capsule collection draws on whimsical holiday cheer with bold metallics and unique decor inspired by how Leanne herself decorates and entertains for the holidays.

“You have no idea how thrilled I am to announce my follow up collection with Crate & Barrel inspired by my move out of the big city. Crate & Barrel is beyond a dream to work with,” said designer Leanne Ford. “All I can say is I can’t wait to get these pieces into my own home and projects. And I can’t wait to see them in yours.”

Available now exclusively at Crate & Barrel, both online at crateandbarrel.com and in stores, the Leanne Ford for Crate & Barrel Collection features 89 new products with prices starting at $9.95.  Along with these new items, favorites from Leanne’s Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 collaborations with Crate & Barrel will continue to be available both in stores and online. Customers can use the Crate & Barrel Design Desk services available online and in-stores to help envision the Leanne Ford for Crate & Barrel Collections in their homes.

Hello Fall! What’s new at basil & salt

New season, new issue. Come on in and see what we are up to at Basil & Salt Magazine. You’ll be glad you did.

Arhaus Introduces Fall 2021 Collection

Through distinct and timeless design, Arhaus looks to nature to encourage an ever-evolving aesthetic and way of living with ‘Inspiration and Intention’ at home

 Arhaus, a leader in heirloom-quality furniture and décor, today debuts its Fall Collection, ‘Inspiration and Intention.’ As a continuation of the brand’s 35-year commitment to environmentally conscious and timeless design, Arhaus’ latest assortment refines this narrative through new and expanded collections featuring worldly fabrics, repurposed hardwoods and organic materials for true, natural touches that welcome the season with warmth. The complete Fall Collection is now available in-stores and online at Arhaus.com/Fall2021.

‘Inspiration and Intention’ presents hundreds of new arrivals brought to life by Arhaus’ global artisan partners, approached with the same attention to detail for which the brand is known. From the preserved, salvaged wood which takes shape through the Leandro Spalted Oak Collection to the fire-forged pendants within the Recycled Metal Pendant Collection, the newest creations from Arhaus emphasize purposeful material selection that evoke natural splendor.

Leandro Spalted Oak Collection

“Fall is a dynamic time of transition in nature and in life, with the elements in our homes deserving the same type of reflection,” said John Reed, CEO and Co-Founder of Arhaus. “I believe home is a place of constant evolution, which is why our team at Arhaus never stops seeking new ways to stir the imagination with new works of art made of the most beautiful materials on Earth.” 

‘Inspiration and Intention’ also unveils a selection of new and exciting seating from the brand, with sculptural silhouettes that seamlessly merge the worlds of comfort and style. The Fresno Swivel Chair, handcrafted and upholstered by artisans in North Carolina, underlines casual luxury and the importance of statement making, while the Wesley Leather Chair promises a touch of mid-century aesthetic to any arrangement. Dining room seating upgrades complete the picture with Evie Dining Chairs evoking a traditional and rustic Italian charm by way of handwoven seagrass seats, and the Kirsten Dining Chair offering an elevated seat at the table thanks to Crypton® Performance Fabric upholstery.

With the holidays around the corner, Arhaus further provides a preview of what’s to come for its Holiday 2021 Collection within its Fall catalog, The 2021 Style Issue. From garland that gently amplifies the mantle to decorative accessories that naturally complement any room, the brand invites you to be inspired by the simple touches that make a big impact this holiday season.

Additional highlights from Arhaus’ new and expanded collections for fall include:   

Carrinna Collection
  • Carrinna Collection: Light and dark are juxtaposed against each other across the collection’s dining and coffee tables, which feature rounded edges and angular lines. Handcrafted in Mexico, the spalted oak Carrinna Dining Table is now available in sun-bleached Ligera.
  • Acacius Collection:  Reclaimed wood and naturally weathered iron are combined for the collection’s one-of-a-kind works of art. Handcrafted by Mexican artisans, the Acacius collection now includes coffee tables, consoles, and an oval dining table.
  • Leandro Spalted Oak Collection: Wood is salvaged at just the right moment to halt the natural phenomenon of rare spalted oak, which is then artisan-crafted into desks, tables and bookcases to perfectly preserve the beauty.
  • Recycled Metal Pendant Collection: Handcrafted by artisans in Mexico, these solid pieces of recycled copper and brass-plated aluminum are forged in fire, an intense process that creates extraordinary patinas. Then, each pendant is hammered by hand, creating distinctly shaped lighting with one-of-a-kind style.

To discover and shop Arhaus’ hundreds of new arrivals available now, visit Arhaus.com/Fall2021.

Made in Portugal: Creativity, Innovation and Sustainability

Portugal is recognised internationally for the innovation and the talent of its human resources, the result of a strong commitment to research and development, technology, and education and training systems.

Since 2016, Portugal has been the European Union’s fourth-most developed country in terms of innovation, with the European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS 2020) listing it as “strongly innovative“. It also boasts the greatest performance improvement in the European Union, taking the “SME innovation” top spot for the second year in a row.

Industry’s growing awareness of the innovation concept, the commitment to talent and the collaboration between scientific and technological organisations have all contributed to Portugal’s growing recognition in the most prestigious rankings and international awards. The factor differentiating companies is their ability to adapt, to maximise technologies in their favour, solving problems and offering disruptive solutions,” says Luís Castro Henriques Chairman & CEO of AICEP.

According to the EIS 2020 report, the strong points in the portuguese innovation system are at the innovation environment level, the attractiveness of the research system and entrepreneurial innovation. Bold solutions have emerged in terms of product innovation, such as self-healing materials and digital transformation, including Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology.

Businesses in the Home and Building Materials sectors are increasing their investment in R&D departments as knowledge centres and using technology to develop effective and differentiating solutions that contribute to improving the quality of life.

Here are some examples of products that use technologies supported by creativity, innovation and sustainability:

Dyeing cotton fibres with green tea leaf waste is the latest innovation from JF Almeida.

Heating and cooling mattress covers controlled remotely via an app and which have different temperature zones (Lasa).

Intelligent Furniture, with antibacterial components that kill up to 99% of bacteria, are resistant to UV radiation and are manufactured with 100% recyclable raw materials (Nautilus).

High-strength antibacterial toilet cistern control plates that save water and use the ColorADD system are one of the innovative solutions from OLI


Environmentally-friendly tiles made from the soles of shoes and other industrial waste, offering acoustic and thermal advantages and in a unique range of colours and textures: Goma (Flowco).

These and other innovative companies can be visited in the 360º Virtual Showroom or consulted in the directory available at http://www.portugalnaturally.pt.

AICEP – Portuguese Trade & Investment Agency is the public entity that promotes the attraction of productive investment, the increase in exports and the internationalization of Portuguese companies and economy through its offices in Portugal and a network of Delegations in more than 50 countries.

SOURCE Made in Portugal

Take a Virtual Tour through a Million Dollar Apartment Project in New York

Essential Home’s NEW Virtual Project through the Eyes of its Project Manager, a Conversation with Sara Magno

DelightFULL and Essential present the first luxury design project from their unique virtual houses’ series made to inspire all of the world’s interior design lovers in this new reality that we are living in.

The ultimate Million Dollar Apartment Project in New York is a clear representation of the ideal residential design that captures the best of one of the most famous design capitals in the world.

Showcasing the potential of the mid-century modern style in soothing a trendy color palette, this unique virtual residential project designed by DelightFULL and Essential Home’s team shows a different approach to the bright colorful world that the brands are associated with.

We had the opportunity to interview Sara Magno, head project manager of the fabulous Million Dollar Apartment Project, to learn more about the concept of this dreamy New York-style design, as well as some exclusive details on the behind-the-scenes. One thing is for sure, the final result is a very comfortable home fit for the busy lifestyle of the city that never sleeps.

Project Manager, Sara Magno and Bruno Pinto, Digital Creator

1. Tell us about the beginning of your journey in the design world? How did the love for design emerge?

Ever since I was young, I’ve loved visiting museums, studying art history and I will begin painting soon. I have designed my own clothes, and when I began traveling solo, I would visit different cultures to understand the architecture and the interior spaces of each country which are so different and well adapted. The colors, textures, landscapes, always fascinated me and in these past five years, while working I have developed my skills in these different areas of design; editorial, graphic, product, and now interior spaces.

2. Why DelightFULL and Essential Home?

Two amazing brands that embrace my work and allow me to grow up with them! In the past 5 years, I traveled the world with a different vision thankfully to DelightFULL and Essential Home. Understanding the customer needs, the space integration, the product trends, new textiles, materials, functionally with comfort, crafting everything hand by hand carefully for each piece be unique – a life statement that I’m addicted to, creating everything with time, passion, and worldwide renown in the end.

3. We know that the mid-century modern style is usually associated with bright color palettes and combinations, but for you what is the essence of this unique design approach?

DelightFULL and Essential Home preserves the references of design between the ’40s to ’80s, the forms, the materials, the atmosphere reinterpreted for nowadays. For me, this essence is when we finish a project or room, and we feel it like ours, we feel it that we lived there, a Deja Vu. Recreating a space history with our products keeps memories in people’s heart, this is our unique design approach, create pieces that allow souls to feel alive with their past references.

4. Talking about one of your most recent projects, the beautiful minimalistic virtual house project called “MILLION DOLLAR MODERN APARTMENT IN NEW YORK”, what was the main message you were trying to pass with this design?

We understand that we need to expose a different vision of mid-century modern style reinterpreted again, keeping with calm tones, creating a bright space that gives customers the feeling of a familiar home. DelightFULL lamps are juice and fun and we try to keep this one the junior room, but also give them a classic touch in the rest of the house, keeping the white, the nickels allow these lamps to fit any different era, more “straight” (Laughs). Essential Home products are colorful and feminine, reinterpreted in this house with pastel tones, white and grey shades, they seem more clear with allowing us to create a house where the products can camouflage with the walls, with the floor, being there waiting for the family to use them and to embrace each room.

5. Creating a unique house project in the virtual world can be quite challenging? What were the biggest obstacles that you and your team had to face?

Yes, very challenging. Working virtually requires an aesthetic vision for each detail, carefully adapted for any screen, trying to be real. In real projects, we visit the place, we feel the rooms, we select the textures and colors feeling them, and mix them in the space This was our biggest obstacle, create an ambiance with colors, textures, and lighting that feels more real as possible.

6. What are the biggest focal points when designing this luxurious home design?

The biggest focal points are that in each room all the pieces combine between them, all the shapes carefully adapted to their place and in the end, the final atmosphere brings that sense of calm and serenity. We study each product and position to create this sense of harmony and space living.

7. Want to give us a little tour through the house?

(Laughs) Yes! Let’s go! Starting for the entryway we keep it simple for the family to get in and feel the serenity inside that they can’t feel outside in NY streets with noise and different cultures. The kitchen, dining room, and living room, are an open space to experience this family area and promote more relations. When we get inside the private rooms, like the bedrooms, one of them was created for a junior boy that needs to keep dreaming and playing, so we integrate different products and we create a DelightFULL graphic wall lamp to be fun and young. When we step into the master bedroom with a feminine touch, but most importantly, we feel that it is private, comfortable, intimated, that was our goal again, create the most realistic experience in a virtual house where any family can feel that is theirs home.

8. What is your favorite part of the entire process of design?

My favorite part of the process of the design is the mood boards! I love to create them, understand the harmony between each piece, select colors and materials, and it was quite a challenge to do it just for a virtual experience!

9. Were you trying to incorporate any popular design trends in interior design?

Of course! The first trend for this year is Abstract Minimalism. Since the pandemic started, people need to feel protected in their homes and calming colors and lights are perfect to vibrate this theme. We also try to concentrate on compositions sometimes, with radial symmetry in some decor and art that we used.

10. How would you and your team describe this fabulous project in three words?

Fresh, Familiar, and Minimalism.

11. Do you think that these virtual house projects are going to be a new impact on the design world?

I have no doubts about that. Designers are living in a new era where traveling is different, be in the office, in showrooms, selecting materials and textiles in stores, visit design fairs! Everything changed, we need to keep with our work in virtual meetings, give virtual advice, so for me it is natural that we grow up with the virtual experience with our professionals keeping virtually reinterpreting the experiences to keep inspirations and design alive.

12. What are going to be the next BIG steps for DelightFULL and Essential Home? Can you tell us more about your expectations for the future?

Well, we have many surprises coming this year! Related to virtual houses, we are creating an interior designers network that in partnership with us will create these virtual houses signed by them projected with our products. I can give you a name, Masquespacio designers very very soon will launch a virtual project with us! As for product design, we are also creating more capsule collections as we created in the past year with Studiopepe and Carlo Donati, worldwide designers like Karim Rashid from NYC! This designer’s network with DelightFULL and Essential Home will create a new way to explore the design world and the relations between design cultures.

Welcome To The Soothing New York City Apartment Project Let’s look inside!

This amazing mid-century house tour by DelightFULL and Essential Home is going to show you the versatility of this unique design style, besides that Bright and bold vision that we are used to seeing. The new luxurious New York City apartment focuses on functionality and modern design in neutral tones to create an effortlessly chic look.

Featuring 9 different rooms, each one with its own concept and personality, this marvelous home project has its soothing signature style that transmits a sense of calmness and luxury through design excellence.  Every single detail is carefully put together to provide a comfortable modern home where every interior design enthusiast can take a break from the busy lifestyle of the city that never sleeps. Are you ready to be inspired? Let’s get started!

Living Room

Featuring a trendy open concept for easy access to the kitchen area (which is great for entertaining occasions), the main living room design was created in an iconic neutral color palette with a few metallic details in the unique lighting pieces and bespoke furniture designs. Essential Home’s unique Sherman Sofa, with its rich velvety texture, was the perfect complement for the luxurious Botti Diamond suspension by DelightFULL, a unique lighting design that is considered to be the statement art déco piece of the entire look.

Dining Room

The dining room area is the perfect space in this new luxury New York City apartment to enjoy those special moments with your friends and family.  Following the same neutral and sophisticated lines of the living ara, the dining room decor is all about Comfort meets style. The Ezra dining table is complemented with 4 beautiful Isadora dining chairs from Essential Home’s new collection with Studiopepe, however is the iconic Galiano suspension piece by DelightFULL that lights up space and elevates it to a new level.


The office area went from being an unappreciated part of any home decor project to one of the most important rooms in the house due to the current home working reality. The luxurious New York City apartment shows a functional and stylish office where the Virginia armchair by Studiopepe and Essential Home and DelightFULL’s fabulous Turner table lamp takes the lead.

Master Bedroom

Keeping the trendy neutral color palette, the master bedroom design of this luxury apartment project leaves the light Brown and beige tones and replaces them with the popular grey and white shades, one of the most promising color combinations of the season. The Sophia bed by Essential Home was the perfect fit to be the centerpiece of this bedroom project since provides style, comfort, and personality through great design. This unique piece was complemented with the brand’s unique Kahn nightstands, and two white classic table lamps design called Miles by DelightFULL. Like any other master bedroom design, this luxurious space also features a high-end social space and a big functional walk-in closet.

Kids Bedroom

As we enter the kids’ bedroom are we can see a different and exciting take on the neutral palette concept that flows in the interior design of this luxurious New York City apartment by DelightFULL and Essential Home. The Bright and fun touch, which makes this bedroom design perfect for the little ones, is given by the fun marquee lighting pieces from DelightFULL’s graphic collection. Whether it is in the sleeping bedroom área or playroom space, these unique lighting pieces were the perfect fun complement to Essential Home’s sophisticated modern products, such as (for example) the Florence center table and stool.


DelightFULL – Design Unique Lamps

A fresh reinterpretation of mid-century lighting design. We revive design and inspirational art from the 40s to 70s, bringing to you fresh classic lamps with the progress of colors and materials of modern décor.

Our mid-century spirit can be suitable for any project customizing any piece that you need. We promise you a full experience of the mid-century world, through iconic design around trendsetting places. Today, with a solid structure and factory to provide you with the best you can get, we have solutions for short lead time projects

HGTV Dream Home Giveaway 2017 Now Open For Entries

Commissioned Photography

HGTV 2017 Dream Home – Saint Simon Island, GA.

Starting today and continuing through 5 p.m. ET Friday, February 17, 2017, viewers can dream about moving into the HGTV® Dream Home on St. Simons Island, Georgia. Fans can enter twice a day by visiting HGTV.com/HGTVDreamHome for a chance to win the grand prize package valued at more than $1.7 million. Eligible U.S. residents can log on to HGTV.com for full details and official rules.

In addition to the approximately 3,200-square-foot residence and all its furnishings, the grand prize winner will receive the keys to a new Honda Pilot, plus $250,000 from national mortgage lender Quicken Loans®.

Interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn has restored a hidden gem into a one-of-a-kind getaway with a design aesthetic that can be described as Southern Transitional. With Sea Island as the backdrop, the 1980s-built home maintains a traditional look that embodies true Southern charm with an emphasis on architecture reflective of its coastal location.

“The charming seaside location of St. Simons fits the bill as a ‘dreamy’ location where our fans can see themselves relaxing by the backyard fire pit or hosting friends by the pool,” said Ron Feinbaum, general manager and senior vice president of Home Promotions for Scripps Networks Interactive. “Working with architect Michael Stauffer and builder Allen Construction, we were able to transform this home into a residence with design inspiration that our fans can use in their own homes.”

The main living spaces reflect an entertaining-savvy layout that features muted, muddy earth tones mixed with bright whites. Comfortable furniture and formal statement pieces are intertwined with casual textiles. A selection of modern art elevates the house to a game-changing showstopper. The three bedrooms and four bathrooms take their cue from the property’s mossy vegetation with shades of green, and the neutral browns are a nod to the nearby beaches. Complete with a private pool, the abode is a fresh new take on Southern style.

Viewers can catch the DIY Behind the Build: HGTV Dream Home special chronicling the home’s remodeling process, tonight at 11 p.m. ET on DIY Network, and the HGTV Dream Home Special which airs New Year’s Day at 8 p.m. ET on HGTV.

Learn more about this year’s giveaway and its sponsors – Honda; Lumber Liquidators, Inc.; Quicken Loans®; Wayfair; Cabinets To Go; Delta Faucet; CESAR® Canine Cuisine; Realtor.com®; Trex Company, Inc.; Belgard; Bush Brothers & Company; ICON Health & Fitness; SimpliSafe Home Security; Sleep Number®; Greenworks Tools; and Bose Corporation – at HGTV.com/HGTVDreamHome.

About HGTV
HGTV delivers the superstar experts, fascinating families, compelling renovations and stunning transformations that make all things home fun. America’s favorite way to get entertaining, relatable and inspirational home and lifestyle content, HGTV offers: a top 10 cable network that is distributed to more than 92 million U.S. households; a website, HGTV.com, that attracts an average of nine million people each month; social media platforms that engage nearly nine million users; HGTV Magazine, a monthly publication that reaches more than one million readers and exclusive collections of home-oriented products through the HGTV HOME™ consumer products line. Viewers can become fans of HGTV and interact with other home improvement enthusiasts through FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram.

Step into Spring with BHG’s Third Instagram Photo Contest

a bit about usAs the seasons change our colors indoors begin to reflect Mother Nature’s palette outdoors. Fall brings browns, golds, oranges, reds and yellows, winter brings, greens, reds and whites, and spring and summer hues are light and bright.  Pastel’s dominate spring and brighter tones are added as we move deeper in to the warmer weather.

Reflecting these seasonal changes in our wardrobe and in our home is an energizing event that does not have to zing our bank account.  Small, inexpensive changes can have a huge impact if done correctly.

Adding a few bright color spots in the flower bed or on the porch is a quick and inexpensive touch. Pastel colored pots or front porch accessories, and small gardening signs welcome spring with a bit of whimsy.

As we move indoors with our flair for change, the touches of color can be as simple as changing out the throw blanket and pillow on the sofa or chair. Put away the deeper hued kitchen towels and bring out the sunny colors to brighten your cook space.

Scent can alter moods quickly and bringing in a cucumber, lemon, coconut, mango or subtle floral scent can lighten the room dramatically.

BHG IIWhile the basic spring palette boasts light pastels, each year brings it’s own trends. Better Homes and Gardens® has revealed it’s first ever Color Palette of the Year, in it’s April issue with a collection of seven colors showcasing the most current trends from home to fashion. You will find advice on how to use the hues to have them working together beautifully in multiple combinations.

The 7 colors that the editors of Better Homes and Gardens have chosen are colbalt, yellow, lavender, apple green, chambray, coral and beige. The piece will show readers  more about how to use these in everything from fashion to interior design. The April’s issue is available on local news stands March 18th.  This is one issue we will make sure we do not miss.

With the advance of smart phones and social media trends, engaging readers to interact with their favorite brands is a trend consumers are loving. Digital issues are becoming interactive and readers are able to discuss topics with their favorite brands in real time. Embracing this trend, BHG  is launching it’s third Instagram photo contest. Readers take pics and share photos of their favorite color palettes on Instagram, using the hashtag #BHGColor, to enter the brand’s ‘Fave Color Palette’ photo contest.  Each week one winner will receive a $50 Visa gift card, and at the end of the contest, one of those winners will be selected to win the grand prize of $500. read official  rules and entry at BHG.com/Win.

Looking for more information?  To stay updated on each issue please visit Better Homes & Garden at the following links.  www.bhg.com | Facebook: |Twitter|Pinterest:  | Instagram: