Kari Gran ~ The Little Black Dress of Eco Skincare

I have been using the same basic formula for my skin for years.  Hot water, soap and a washcloth, every once in a while I would try a new product for cleansing and would end of throwing it away because my skin would just dry out.  Now and then a baby wipe would suffice if I was away from my usual skin care regime.  Not very sophisticated but as a mother of three, sometimes five minutes was all I had and improvisation was a necessity.  Now, thanks to Kari Gran Skincare & Mineral Makeup, I have an amazing product at my finger tips, my skincare is effortless and under five minutes is all I need.

I had heard about a company that was just starting up and I drove out to Seattle to “The Loft” and met with Kari Gran and Lisa Strain in their gorgeous, airy location across from Lake Union.  Their showroom and office space was simplistic and elegant, which was the perfect prelude to the products Kari had developed to nourish the skin.

They had all of their beautiful bottles and jars displayed on the table and Kari took the time to walk me through each product.   The packaging is exquisite and has been selected with much thought for preserving the elixirs they house, which are formulated with organic ingredients and are described as “simple, elegant and subtly scented.”   I so agree.

I took quite a few treasured items with me and began using them immediately upon arriving home.  The cleanser is innovative and nothing I have ever used compares to this product.  My skin is incredibly dry and in the winter the only salve  that has worked to hydrate the skin on my face was Vaseline.  Yes, I said Vaseline and this is the first winter that I can remember, I was able to skip that particular step.   Kari Gran’s Essential Serum is the one product that hydrates my skin successfully.  Two steps, Cleanser, Essential Serum and that is what I do before bed and upon waking and my skin loves this new pampering.

The other creation that has my attention is the lip balm.  This comes in Peppermint, Cinnamon-Pimenta Berry, Tinted and simply balm.  They come in small pots or a stick and I don’t go anywhere without it.  I now have one in each vehicle, one on my bathroom shelf and one in my purse.

You can follow Kari Gran Skincare & Mineral Makeup on Facebook and shop their online boutique at any time.

I am also honored that Kari and Lisa of Kari Gran Skincare & Mineral Makeup have consented to add a page on my blog and on this page you can interact one on one with individuals who care about what goes on your skin.  Ask questions about their products, ingredients and what will work best on your skin.   You will find their page, Kari Gran ~ Little Black Dress of Eco Skincare, here at Celebrating Home with Karie Engels.  Like the proverbial  “Little Black Dress”, this product is classic and timeless.  My forty-five year old skin is very happy and I am a customer for life.

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  1. I’ll have to check this out, Karie…I use Obagi, which I swear by…at 62 it’s been a mainstay for me, but I’m always open to considering other products!! Thanks for sharing, and I remember those days of barely getting my face washed!! xox Ally

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