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I spend quite a few hours every week looking for the best of the best.   I like to find recipes for tantalizing cuisine, tasty cocktails, tips and tricks to make your house your haven and products that are fun, a bit self indulgent and in general to make your life, well, prettier.  I guess in a nutshell I look for all the things that I love to do.  Eat, drink, basically make merry and live my life out loud.

Since I spend quite a bit of time out and about and online looking for the best of everything and I thought I would share a few of my favorite finds from this week, with you.

The Cluster

Chocolate for Breakfast ~ The Cluster

Sue Ann Gleason, of Chocolate for Breakfast is one of my favorite people, but it is her creation, The Cluster, that warrants top spot this afternoon.  Sue Ann and Merideth Cohrs have produced the ultimate chocolate experience.  The cinnamon dusted cacao nib clusters are flavor dancing in your mouth with the perfect blend, not sweet while satisfying your craving for chocolate.

Please follow the link to Chocolate for Breakfast and look around.

Aprons by Vittoria

Aprons by Vittoria

I love to slip on something festive and sexy while whipping up a storm in the kitchen.  I have found several individuals who create aprons that I love to parade around in indoors and out.  Please follow this week’s link to find Handmade Vintage Retro Baking aprons and chef hats, take a look around and if you feel inspired you can do a bit of shopping online.

Williams-Sonoma’s The Cupcake Shop

Williams-Sonoma ~ The Cupcake Shop

I can’t say enough about this new item from Williams-Sonoma.  The product is fresh, the packaging is gorgeous and being an avid lover of this company I am certainly going to be trying out this amazing new line as soon as possible.

Click the links provided and you will find the following:

It is the Cupcake Gift Set that has my attention.  French Mixing Spoon, Two mixes ~ one chocolate, one vanilla that contain all natural ingredients, including organic flour, a set of 50 disposable cupcake cups and a cupcake book.  This is a must have and will make a great gift for mom in May.

Kari Gran Skincare & Mineral Makeup

Kari Gran's Essential Serum

After having used petroleum jelly on face every winter for at least the last 38 years, it was a pleasure this year to use a product that not only felt amazing, but that  smelled pleasant as well.  The Essential Serum pampers my skin and I am a very happy customer.  Please follow the link to Kari and Lisa’s page and poke around a bit.  Feel free to ask questions because you should be informed about what goes on your skin.


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