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Kari Gran’s New Year’s Resolution You Can Live With.

OK, so it’s been two weeks since the New Year, and studies say that 80% of New Year’s resolutions have already gone bust.  It leaves us begging the question, “what’s the point,” right?  At Kari Gran we are always talking about change, evolution, and education—particularly in the area of health and beauty.  That said, we believe that change in behavior takes time and subtlety. When that pesky, Type A, all-or-nothing mentality takes over the result may not be the one we seek. The behavior experts say that going cold turkey makes change difficult, and that changes made in little steps tend to have more lasting effects. By the way, it takes a good 6—8 weeks to change so be patient with yourself.


This year we’d like to propose that a success based New Year’s resolution plan for your skin could include some very simple and easy steps. For instance, if you would like to adopt a “toxin- free skin care routine,” we would recommend leaning into it with small steps. Start with parabens,  (for those of you who don’t know what a paraben is see the footnote below), let’s say you try for 30 days not to use products that contain parabens.   Already stepped off the paraben train?   Maybe move on to synthetic fragrance.  The point is, in order to adopt a green routine you need not go through your drawers and throw everything out at once.  Instead read up and raise your awareness of what green ingredients include.  Step by step you will become aware and savvy about choosing the products that truly enhance your beauty and don’t detract from it.  As always, take our motto to heart and “be kind to your skin. ”

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in their report “Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in the Environment: Agents of Subtle Change?” reported that the chemical preservatives called parabens—methyl, propyl, butyl and ethyl (alkyl-p-hydroxybenzoates)—displayed estrogenic activity in several tests.This means that these chemicals mimic your body´s own hormones and can have endocrine-disrupting action when they are rubbed into your body or washed down the drain into your drinking water. These disruptors interfere with your body´s endocrine system: your hypothalamus, your ovaries, your thyroid—virtually every system in your body

 ~Kari Gran
Be kind your skin.™

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This Winter Trade Your Moisture Zapping Cleanser in for Kari Gran Cleansing Oil and Get Gorgeous

Cleansing oil on my face? Are you kidding?”  I know, it’s a strange concept, especially if, like me, you were raised on the Seventeen Magazine theory of squeaky clean skin.  Sorry to break it to you but the only thing that squeaky clean does for skin is strip it of its natural moisture—leaving it thirsty for hydration and ready to produce more oil. It’s a vicious cycle.

It reminds me of the “low fat” movement we all bought into a decade ago, the one that made everybody fat.  We deprived ourselves of good fat and stuffed ourselves with fat free Snackwells. And what did our bodies do?  They held onto the fat we had and sometimes gave us even more.  The body needs healthy fat to maintain its health and balance.

We recommend plant and essential oils for cleansing and moisturizing. Slowly massaging your face (massage increases circulation btw) with the Kari Gran cleansing oil not only removes dirt and impurities but it also replenishes lost moisture and creates a barrier that locks hydration in and keeps the drying effects of a cold winter out.

So do you skin a favor and toss your water packed cleanser and  moisturizer, the ones with the parabens and replace it with the Kari Gran cleansing oil and call us in a month.  We believe that after thirty days of using the Kari Gran Cleansing oil and serum you will find that your skin is soft, supple and hydrated.  So, fear not, oil is in fact a good thing—your skin knows it.

 ~Kari Gran
Be kind your skin.™

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If a little bit is good….

Then doesn’t logic say more is better?  Not if you’ve got a bad case of status cosmeticus, not to be confused with status cosmetics!

Thiemo Sander via ELLE.COM

If you are using too many products on your skin, frankly, your epidermis gets a bit confused.  What’s a girl (or boy) to do?  Take a skin-cation.

A skin-what?  Maybe it’s time to take a month away from bombarding your skin and seek out a soothing facial oil.  This is what I did about three years ago and have never looked back.  Last year I was given a copy of this article (about a year after I’d finished R&D on our Essential Serum) that does a really great job of explaining what a facial oil is and why you would want to use it. Read it here

Here’s to testing out a  month of being kind to your skin.  Try it, you just might like it.

 ~Kari Gran
Be kind your skin.™

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Just because it smells good, it may not be good for you.

I’d like to take a minute to talk about essential oils vs. synthetic fragrance.  I’ve been giving this a good amount of thought, and I think a good way to describe the big difference between the two is by using the lovely rose as an example.  It’s been my experience that many shy away from anything rose scented as a result of spending too much time next to their Grandmother, who may have smothered herself in Rosemilk lotion.  That cloying synthetic rose scent is not the true scent of rose in essential oil, or this case, absolute form.

Many people, (I include myself in this category until I learned otherwise) don’t understand the dangers of petro-chemically derived fragrances which have been linked to allergies, asthma and hormone disruption.  The last item being my great big wake up call, otherwise known as bye-bye to my favorite perfume.

Essential oils, on the other hand, are highly concentrated and potent oils extracted from plants, leaves, flowers, roots, bark, fruit, seeds, etc.  Each has it’s own blueprint that is unique.  I recently discussed lavender oil, and why I love it so much.  It’s a fantastic mulit-tasker that I carry with me all the time.  I’ve used it for scrapes, headaches, bug bits, blemishes and even to freshen up a stinky rental car (a few drops on the floor mats work wonders).  However, having said that, it’s one of the few essential oils that can be used “neat” or straight from the bottle. It takes almost approximately 60,000 rose petals to make one ounce of rose oil, which is why it is so expensive, and so widely used in its synthetic form.  Given the potency of rose absolute, I do not sprinkle it wildly like lavender oil, nor apply it directly to skin without properly diluting it in a plant-based oil.

Why does it matter?  Your skin is a superhighway to your bloodstream.  Ever used a medication in cream form topically? Put in on your skin, in goes the medicine. Your skin is the body’s largest organ; a living, dying and constantly rejuvenating organ.  For me, it’s all about choices and recognizing what I put on my body translates to what I’m putting in my body.  I wish the same for you.

Be kind to your skin.™

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The Naughty List (Well, that’s what I like to call it)

Years ago, I started to take notice of what was on my food labels.  Generally, it made sense to me that garbage in equals garbage out.  Whole foods, not to be confused with “food-like” products just made me feel better overall.  I am still guilty of the occasional food coma (in my case generally brought on by far too much sugar).  I feel pretty good about having the food labels down pat. However, I didn’t instantly make the same connection with what I was putting “on” my body. Oh no, more labels.

Well, that was then, and this is now. I am a voracious reader of labels.  As well informed as I like to believe I am, it’s pretty easy to get “greenwashed” by advertising so please, please, check out those labels. I was recently seduced by a mascara that is hypo-allergenic and free of parabens, talc, gluten, phthalates, artificial colors and fragrance.  Sadly, it’s not free of propylene glycol.  This is the tricky ingredient that keeps popping up in things that look clean at first glance. Luckily, the list of Chemicals to Avoid in Your Personal Care Products has been making it’s way into the mainstream, and I think this is a great resource to see what you’ve got lurking in your bathroom cabinets. Thank you Dr. Lipman, founder and director of Eleven Eleven Wellness Center, and author of one of my favorite books Revive; Stop Feeling Spent and Start Living Again for sharing your research.

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Kari Gran ~ The Little Black Dress of Eco Skincare

I have been using the same basic formula for my skin for years.  Hot water, soap and a washcloth, every once in a while I would try a new product for cleansing and would end of throwing it away because my skin would just dry out.  Now and then a baby wipe would suffice if I was away from my usual skin care regime.  Not very sophisticated but as a mother of three, sometimes five minutes was all I had and improvisation was a necessity.  Now, thanks to Kari Gran Skincare & Mineral Makeup, I have an amazing product at my finger tips, my skincare is effortless and under five minutes is all I need.

I had heard about a company that was just starting up and I drove out to Seattle to “The Loft” and met with Kari Gran and Lisa Strain in their gorgeous, airy location across from Lake Union.  Their showroom and office space was simplistic and elegant, which was the perfect prelude to the products Kari had developed to nourish the skin.

They had all of their beautiful bottles and jars displayed on the table and Kari took the time to walk me through each product.   The packaging is exquisite and has been selected with much thought for preserving the elixirs they house, which are formulated with organic ingredients and are described as “simple, elegant and subtly scented.”   I so agree.

I took quite a few treasured items with me and began using them immediately upon arriving home.  The cleanser is innovative and nothing I have ever used compares to this product.  My skin is incredibly dry and in the winter the only salve  that has worked to hydrate the skin on my face was Vaseline.  Yes, I said Vaseline and this is the first winter that I can remember, I was able to skip that particular step.   Kari Gran’s Essential Serum is the one product that hydrates my skin successfully.  Two steps, Cleanser, Essential Serum and that is what I do before bed and upon waking and my skin loves this new pampering.

The other creation that has my attention is the lip balm.  This comes in Peppermint, Cinnamon-Pimenta Berry, Tinted and simply balm.  They come in small pots or a stick and I don’t go anywhere without it.  I now have one in each vehicle, one on my bathroom shelf and one in my purse.

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I am also honored that Kari and Lisa of Kari Gran Skincare & Mineral Makeup have consented to add a page on my blog and on this page you can interact one on one with individuals who care about what goes on your skin.  Ask questions about their products, ingredients and what will work best on your skin.   You will find their page, Kari Gran ~ Little Black Dress of Eco Skincare, here at Celebrating Home with Karie Engels.  Like the proverbial  “Little Black Dress”, this product is classic and timeless.  My forty-five year old skin is very happy and I am a customer for life.