Kari Gran’s New Year’s Resolution You Can Live With.

OK, so it’s been two weeks since the New Year, and studies say that 80% of New Year’s resolutions have already gone bust.  It leaves us begging the question, “what’s the point,” right?  At Kari Gran we are always talking about change, evolution, and education—particularly in the area of health and beauty.  That said, we believe that change in behavior takes time and subtlety. When that pesky, Type A, all-or-nothing mentality takes over the result may not be the one we seek. The behavior experts say that going cold turkey makes change difficult, and that changes made in little steps tend to have more lasting effects. By the way, it takes a good 6—8 weeks to change so be patient with yourself.


This year we’d like to propose that a success based New Year’s resolution plan for your skin could include some very simple and easy steps. For instance, if you would like to adopt a “toxin- free skin care routine,” we would recommend leaning into it with small steps. Start with parabens,  (for those of you who don’t know what a paraben is see the footnote below), let’s say you try for 30 days not to use products that contain parabens.   Already stepped off the paraben train?   Maybe move on to synthetic fragrance.  The point is, in order to adopt a green routine you need not go through your drawers and throw everything out at once.  Instead read up and raise your awareness of what green ingredients include.  Step by step you will become aware and savvy about choosing the products that truly enhance your beauty and don’t detract from it.  As always, take our motto to heart and “be kind to your skin. ”

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in their report “Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in the Environment: Agents of Subtle Change?” reported that the chemical preservatives called parabens—methyl, propyl, butyl and ethyl (alkyl-p-hydroxybenzoates)—displayed estrogenic activity in several tests.This means that these chemicals mimic your body´s own hormones and can have endocrine-disrupting action when they are rubbed into your body or washed down the drain into your drinking water. These disruptors interfere with your body´s endocrine system: your hypothalamus, your ovaries, your thyroid—virtually every system in your body

 ~Kari Gran
Be kind your skin.™

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