Just because it smells good, it may not be good for you.

I’d like to take a minute to talk about essential oils vs. synthetic fragrance.  I’ve been giving this a good amount of thought, and I think a good way to describe the big difference between the two is by using the lovely rose as an example.  It’s been my experience that many shy away from anything rose scented as a result of spending too much time next to their Grandmother, who may have smothered herself in Rosemilk lotion.  That cloying synthetic rose scent is not the true scent of rose in essential oil, or this case, absolute form.

Many people, (I include myself in this category until I learned otherwise) don’t understand the dangers of petro-chemically derived fragrances which have been linked to allergies, asthma and hormone disruption.  The last item being my great big wake up call, otherwise known as bye-bye to my favorite perfume.

Essential oils, on the other hand, are highly concentrated and potent oils extracted from plants, leaves, flowers, roots, bark, fruit, seeds, etc.  Each has it’s own blueprint that is unique.  I recently discussed lavender oil, and why I love it so much.  It’s a fantastic mulit-tasker that I carry with me all the time.  I’ve used it for scrapes, headaches, bug bits, blemishes and even to freshen up a stinky rental car (a few drops on the floor mats work wonders).  However, having said that, it’s one of the few essential oils that can be used “neat” or straight from the bottle. It takes almost approximately 60,000 rose petals to make one ounce of rose oil, which is why it is so expensive, and so widely used in its synthetic form.  Given the potency of rose absolute, I do not sprinkle it wildly like lavender oil, nor apply it directly to skin without properly diluting it in a plant-based oil.

Why does it matter?  Your skin is a superhighway to your bloodstream.  Ever used a medication in cream form topically? Put in on your skin, in goes the medicine. Your skin is the body’s largest organ; a living, dying and constantly rejuvenating organ.  For me, it’s all about choices and recognizing what I put on my body translates to what I’m putting in my body.  I wish the same for you.

Be kind to your skin.™

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3 thoughts on “Just because it smells good, it may not be good for you.

  1. This is just so so so true, Karie…it’s good to have these reminders as we forget…the skin is a conduit for getting to the ‘heart’ of your system…be wise about what you slather on cuz it just might slaughter the inside (hey, that’s kinda clever, huh???) lol!! xo

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