Financial Incentives for slimming down

weight lossLosing weight isn’t easy.  The decision to change your eating and exercise habits is difficult to make.  An even harder choice, is finding the best way to go about it.

HealthyWage is a company that can help you make that tough decision to implement a lifestyle change.  In 2012, HealthyWage contests assisted more than 1,300 locals shed 16,700 lbs.  The dangling carrot, monetary compensation.  And it works.

Making the decision to lose weight is the easy part of the equation.  The rest is sheer willpower and that’s where cash based incentives come in to play.  Since we all think on different levels and our motivational process aren’t always the same, there are several challenges to fit individual needs.  If a group effort with continual support, positive peer pressure and team building works for you, then The Matchup might be your best fit.  Sign up, join a 5 member team, lose the most weight collectively and split $10,000.  That’s a sweet carrot.

Employees that are healthier, cuts down on absenteeism and healthcare costs, both in the company and across the board.  If you are interested in joining a team at work, current participating companies in the Seattle / Tacoma area are Eddie Bauer, Tacoma Public School and The City of Tacoma.  If you would like to bring it to the attention of your employer, here is the link with more information.

If you are interested in any of the other challenges there are two options.  The BMI Challenge, which pays up to $1000 for a healthier weight after one year.  To qualify for the BMI Challenge, you have to start with a Body Mass Index (BMI) above 30.  This challenge is completely free to join.

The 10% Challenge costs $150 to be a part of, lose 10% of your weight and get paid $300.  That’s a great incentive, double your cash for meeting your weight loss goal.  HealthyWage is all about helping lose the weight.  There are management techniques and advice on their blog; and they are currently working on a program to assist with maintenance following your weight loss success.

To find out more about this contest in the Seattle/Tacoma area, please visit  Not convinced yet?  Follow the link to their “press” page and read what Today, NBC News, Consumer Report, Weight Watchers, Time, CNN and many more have to say about their techniques and the success of the contestants.



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