Vine Buzz with Jack Chase; Whites, Wines with Body and Complexity

Author:  Jack Chase

Whites with Jack Chase
Whites with Jack Chase

I find myself wanting to write just a little about those white wines that tend to bring something very special to the table. Quite often, I drink these wines with food, but not always. My suggestion for this week is to look for wines from Italy, France, South Africa and New Zealand.

Italian whites; you may want to look for a great Falanghina, Fiano di Avellino or Greco di Tufo. These wines each bring their own characteristics but with bright acidity and hints of mineral.

South Africa; The two whites that I tend to gravitate towards are Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc. The flavor profiles can be extensive in wines from this part of the world and they are simply delicious.

New Zealand;  Generally when I choose a Sauvignon Blanc, it is almost always from this country.  New Zealand is producing incredible wines and Sauvignon Blanc is a varietal that is shining for this country. The wines are very food friendly but are equally delicious on their own.

Vine Buzz with Jack Chase
Vine Buzz with Jack Chase

France; If you want explore something French, try White wines from Burgundy. The Chardonnay that is produced here is among the best in the world.  The wines are incredibly food friendly and they tend to bring unique qualities that can only be found in wines from this region.

I invite you all to try these wines, if you have not already and enjoy them as the weather begins to warm.  I do realize this is a very brief overview of these wines, I hope it will spark some interest in a wine that otherwise may go unnoticed.  If you have any questions about these wines, please feel free to contact me with comments, suggestions or inquiries.

My suggestion for this week is to look for wines from Italy, France, South Africa and New Zealand.

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