Sizzling Summer Seafoods

An excellent source of lean protein, food from the sea is a delicious option for eating well.  Each spring and summer I yearn for the delicious flavors that only seafood can offer.  It’s time to heat up the grill and start the seafood sizzling.

Summer Paella
Summer Paella

Summer Paella by Eating Well.  Paella, a rice dish that originated on the east coast of Spain is known to be prepared with many variations.  I haven’t a favorite as the ingredients can vary with the rest of the menu and theme of any get together.  This recipe by is not only delicious it is   a tad on the healthy side as well. If you see an ingredient listed here that you do not care for, omit or replace it with one that your tastebuds adore.  This recipe serves 6 and takes about an hour and a half to prep.  Shopping List; Green bell pepper, red or orange bell pepper, olive oil cooking spray, raw shrimp, extra-virgin olive oil, garlic, reduced-sodium chicken broth, crumbled saffron threads, kosher salt, short-grain white rice, hard-shell clams, raw-spice turkey or chicken sausage links, baby peas, black olives, green olives and parsley.  Full recipe and method

Pairing Suggestion;  Muga Rosado 2012

Grilled Halibut with Herb Pistou and Walnut Butter
Grilled Halibut with Herb Pistou and Walnut Butter

Grilled Halibut with Herb Pistou and Walnut Butter by Danny Grant for Food and Wine.  A great weeknight meal is full of flavor, quick to prepare and sure to please the crew gathered around the dining room table. Halibut is a meaty fish that grills well and can be paired with many foods.  The portion of this recipe that takes the most prep time is the butter and the pistou and fortunately, both of these can be made ahead and chilled for two days.

You will need to step out of your pantry for the ingredients and I promise, the combination of flavors are well worth it.  Shopping List; Halibut, salt, sugar, walnuts, butter, juniper berries, orange zest, serrano ham, lime juice, fennel pollen, cloves, extra-virgin olive oil, grapeseed oil, watercress ( leaves and tender sprigs only ), baby arugula, parsley leaves, basil leaves, dill, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, lemon zest, lemon juice and black pepper.  Recipe and method here

Pairing Suggestion;  Passaggio Wines UNMARKED Sauvignon Blanc

There are three widely known types of paella: Valencian paella (Spanishpaella valenciana), seafood paella (Spanish: paella de marisco) and mixed paella (Spanish: paella mixta), but there are many others as well. ~ Wikipedia

 A fabulous wine that will pair well with both dishes:  Geyser Peak Chardonnay

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