A must for every kitchen; Jamie Geller’s Joy of Kosher

Joy of Kosher by Jamie Geller
Joy of Kosher by Jamie Geller

Cookbooks have evolved over the years and definitely for the better.  Our mothers and grandmothers purchased impersonal cookbooks filled with delightful recipes, some with photographs, some without. Today we have a delicious glimpse in to the culinary authors world that gives us a sense of connection.  The days of the generic cookbook are long past.  

Jamie Geller’s Joy of Kosher gives us more than a glimpse inside her world.  She has thrown the door open wide and invited us in to a busy life filled with family and love.

What drew me in to the cookbook after receiving a copy for review was the phrase “dress them up for entertaining…dress them down for everyday”.   We kick it up a notch for guests and dial it down a bit for our every day fare and Jamie Geller generously lists each recipe with two variations and a suggested pairing.  This is an indispensable kitchen handbook for the hectic daily life of today.

I read through the cookbook top to bottom and loved every inch.  The photographs are lovely, instructions well laid out and the quick tips are an added bonus.  We tested two recipes and will be adding a few more to our holiday menus.

Recipe I:  Creamy Tomato Penne which has a total prep/cook time of 22 minutes and serves 6 to 8.  It is simple, which I love, full of flavor and a must for a busy weeknight.

Recipe II: Cherry Bourbon Hand Pies.  To be honest with you it was the name that caught me.  Since we used Spicebox Whiskey for this recipe, we cut back a tad on the vanilla.  These were exceptionally delicious and fairly simple to throw together.  This delight is now a household staple and the fam will thank Jamie for this recipe every time it hits the dessert table.

You can purchase Joy of Kosher on Amazon in both Kindle and Hardcover.  If you want to connect with Jamie further visit her Facebook page Joy of Kosher and her website JoyofKosher.com where you can sign up for a newsletter to land in your emails inbox.

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