Backyard Grilling; The Magic of Summer

We are back today and sharing the love of the grill.  Summer time is just around the corner and that means months of barbecue weather and we are collecting recipes! A cookout, barbecue, backyard party….whatever your best loved term for it is, is a fav of ours because of pre-prep time.  Most of the work is done the day before or the morning of, leaving … Continue reading Backyard Grilling; The Magic of Summer

The Sunshine Booster Smoothie

I saw this recipe on the well and good site and thought, “my readers must see this!”  The trifecta of inflammation-fighters in the Sunshine Booster Smoothie include pineapple, turmeric, and ginger. Come April, we’ve never craved sunshine so much. And we’ve just found it in a glass. This spicy-sweet smoothie recipe is layered with dynamic flavors, playing between a Pina Colada and a turmeric-ginger juice. Here’s why we’ll … Continue reading The Sunshine Booster Smoothie

Financial Incentives for slimming down

Losing weight isn’t easy.  The decision to change your eating and exercise habits is difficult to make.  An even harder choice, is finding the best way to go about it. HealthyWage is a company that can help you make that tough decision to implement a lifestyle change.  In 2012, HealthyWage contests assisted more than 1,300 locals shed 16,700 lbs.  The dangling carrot, monetary compensation.  And … Continue reading Financial Incentives for slimming down

Salmon and Avocado; A fresh and delectable combination

The fresh and delicious flavors of salmon and avocados are a delectable combination.  I have gathered a few of my finest recipes using these two ingredients to prepare for an upcoming event and thankfully a couple of these will do nicely for Super Bowl weekend as well. The first is a fantastic recipe on the site of  This makes approx 30 appetizers Wild Smoked … Continue reading Salmon and Avocado; A fresh and delectable combination

Seared Scallop Salad and Chocolate Cake

Over the holidays the rich foods and decadent dessert tables are difficult to resist and by the time January rolls around, New Year Resolutions often include fad diets and self-promises to hit the gym.  Those pesky few pounds that were added during the cocktail party season simply need to come off. While I am certainly on board with shedding extra weight, eating healthy doesn’t necessarily … Continue reading Seared Scallop Salad and Chocolate Cake

Late Summer’s Luscious Bounty

Late summer strolls in lazily and so many wonders follow.  The sweetheart of summer the ripe, juicy peach, tart plum, sweet pear and the crisp apple are available at local stands and markets, and the farmers bins, boxes and flats are overflowing with the season’s luscious bounty. Here in the Orting Valley, there are several farms nestled tightly down in our little hollow.   Spooner Farms, Tahoma Farms, Little … Continue reading Late Summer’s Luscious Bounty

Soups to warm your bones on a soggy day

My time machine isn’t working properly.  January flew by and I have been trying desperately to hold on to the last few days.  February always brings the promise of spring and while I am eager for warmer, dryer weather, the time is whipping by far too fast.  The one thing I can count on for the remainder of the month however, are comfort foods.  It … Continue reading Soups to warm your bones on a soggy day