Colavita’s Roasted Winter Vegetables

Using a variety of vegetables all coated with Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil, these roasted winter vegetables are a perfect addition to any meal and are equally as delicious when served as a main course. ROASTED WINTER VEGETABLES YIELDS 6 ServingsPREP TIME 25 mins COOK TIME 25 mins Ingredients 2 lbs. of mixed winter vegetables, … Continue reading Colavita’s Roasted Winter Vegetables

Colavita’s Black Garlic Hummus

Colavita and The Black Garlic Market are the perfect pairing for this spectacular appetizer Colorful raw vegetables, pita bread, chips or crostinis are perfect dippers for this vibrant dish. COLAVITA'S BLACK GARLIC HUMMUS SERVES 4PREP TIME 10 mins COOK TIME 45 mins Ingredients 14 oz can chickpeas, drained 3 cloves black garlic - The Black Garlic MarketJuice of 1 lemon 1 tsp sea … Continue reading Colavita’s Black Garlic Hummus