bourbon peach cobbler

The peach. One of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts of summer. There’s nothing like biting into a ripe, juicy peach. Whether you’re eating it whole, slicing it into fresh cream, ice cream, or canning or baking, the smell of the peach reminds us that fall is on it’s way. Summer’s last hurrah. We have paired our late summer peach with Four Roses Bourbon. This decadent, delicious … Continue reading bourbon peach cobbler

Plump, Ripe Sweethearts of Summer ~ The Juicy Peach

Is there anything more gorgeous than a round, plump, ripe, juicy peach?  As a child I would bite into the fruit and let the juice drip down my chin as I savored each sweet bite.   Fruit stands are laden with blueberries and my summer sweetheart, the peach.  Here are a few of my favorite recipes with links to their original site.  Please take time … Continue reading Plump, Ripe Sweethearts of Summer ~ The Juicy Peach