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Stone Brewing Co. taps Chef Baumgarten’s brewing talents

In San Diego, a beer centric city filled with the nations most respected breweries, a new North Park neighborhood bistro and beer bar, Waypoint Public, is quickly making a name for itself as the citys go-to for unbeatable craft beer and food pairings, with firecracker Executive Chef / Partner Amanda Baumgarten at the helm. With over a decade of training

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Waiter, There’re Organic Ingredients In My Beer! by Ginger Johnson

The organic conversation goes on and the drumbeat grows louder and subsides as various voices chime in, froth up, and then begin anew. Beer is no exception in the organic conversation.  Here’s what I find interesting. The fact that people are sooooo vocal about what’s *now* important in the things we put into our bodies. All the while we overlook

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