Introducing ‘Melissa’s Tea Room’

‘Melissa’s Tea Room’ – Italy’s Rustic, Traditional Hidden Gem; Owned by a Woman Who Embodies the Spirit of Riviera Culture Tucked away in the medieval Italian town of Liguria, ‘Melissa’s Tea Room & Cakes’ is a small and cozy oasis that not only oozes the smell of freshly-baked, traditional sweet treats, but also captures a snapshot of bygone Italian history and culture. It’s owned by … Continue reading Introducing ‘Melissa’s Tea Room’

Villa Massa Limoncello from Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento is famous for the production of limoncello, a digestif made from lemon rinds, alcohol, water and sugar. Limoncello of Sorrento is one of the typical products of the local culture. Tradition has it that, in the early twentieth century, the great families of Sorrento never failed to offer their guests a taste of Limoncello, the liqueur produced at home using the finest lemons from the family lemon … Continue reading Villa Massa Limoncello from Sorrento, Italy