fresh, bourbon cranberry sauce

Fresh cranberries, a splash of bourbon, a sprinkling of brown sugar and a touch of vanilla. We have created the perfect companion for Tom turkey, the star of the Thanksgiving dinner table. This recipe is quick and simple with plenty of wiggle room for improvisation. Whether you like your sauce thick or thin, your cranberries whole or mashed, this recipe will accommodate any flavor and … Continue reading fresh, bourbon cranberry sauce

Exquisite Sides: Stuffed Acorn Squash

The Northwest has enjoyed an incredible summer this year, and it seemed to linger right on in to October. As much as we have enjoyed our sun filled days, we have been longing for cooler, damper weather. Ask and you shall receive. The elements collaborated in grand style, and we found ourselves sitting at computers, tablets and in front of television newscasts, wondering what the heck … Continue reading Exquisite Sides: Stuffed Acorn Squash