Maria Rodale’s Scratch Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner is easier than you think. Maria Rodale shares her thanksgiving menu with tips from her cook book Scratch, which is filled with dozens of home-spun recipes. When Maria Rodale cooks her annual Thanksgiving Dinner, nothing comes out of a can or a box, not even the cranberry sauce. Her menu this year includes … Continue reading Maria Rodale’s Scratch Thanksgiving

fresh, bourbon cranberry sauce

Fresh cranberries, a splash of bourbon, a sprinkling of brown sugar and a touch of vanilla. We have created the perfect companion for Tom turkey, the star of the Thanksgiving dinner table. This recipe is quick, simple and the perfect side dish with plenty of wiggle room for improvisation. Whether you like your sauce thick … Continue reading fresh, bourbon cranberry sauce

Chef Mallet’s Secret to the Perfect Lamb Chop

by Chef Erwin Mallet At first glance, the meaty lollipop looks like a mystery as how to cook to perfection. Chef Erwin Mallet has come to the rescue of home cooks everywhere, revealing his most important recipe steps for the mouth-watering Mediterranean Colorado Lamb Chops as featured on Villa Azur's menu. Suggested Pairing: A lovely … Continue reading Chef Mallet’s Secret to the Perfect Lamb Chop

Italian Herb & Cheese-Stuffed Beef Roulade

Beef. It's What for Dinner's Beef Flank Steak stuffed and rolled with classic Italian herbs and beef salami tastes as divine as it looks. What's on your table this holiday season? Pork, Lamb or Beef? We want to know! ITALIAN HERB & CHEESE-STUFFED BEEF ROULADE Serves: 6 INGREDIENTS 1 beef Flank Steak (about1-1/2 pounds)2 tablespoons … Continue reading Italian Herb & Cheese-Stuffed Beef Roulade

Healthy Eats with Colavita

Don't wait until the holidays are over to healthy. Join us for our pantry "declutter" week! With work schedules, Christmas parties and gift exchanges, the holiday season can really get busy and meal prep can fall to the wayside. When you do catch an evening enjoying a cozy stay-at-home moment, good simple foods should be … Continue reading Healthy Eats with Colavita

Show stopping main dishes for the holiday season

From Friendsgiving to Christmas dinner, why not serve something extra special this holiday season? American lamb is always a show-stopping main dish. With delicate flavors and texture, lamb serves as a perfect canvas for a variety of preparations, from braised lamb shank and roasted rack of lamb to Moroccan lamb kebobs and flame-grilled lamb chops.  The American Lamb Board … Continue reading Show stopping main dishes for the holiday season

Caramel Apples ~ Tis the Season

This time year apples are everywhere and they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and flavors. Visit  your local grocer, farm or market for the freshest apples you will find all year. Although they are great to bite into all by themselves they present so many options for preparation and devouring.  Pies, cakes, … Continue reading Caramel Apples ~ Tis the Season

Basil & Salt Magazine’s ‘HolidayCheer’ now available for pre order

Planning a dinner party in a way that you're actually capable of getting it done without panicking is important. It's bad hospitality for the host to be freaked out.  ~Ted Allen basil & salt magazine is pleased to introduce its signature cookbook series. HolidayCheer is the first in our series and the inaugural issue is … Continue reading Basil & Salt Magazine’s ‘HolidayCheer’ now available for pre order