meringues with sugared cranberries

Friends and family will love these elegant little holiday gems. When piping, try and leave a small area or divet to cradle the cranberries. You can find our sugared cranberries recipe here.

Picture perfect appetizer – Lamb Crostini

Sophisticated and delicious - these decadent crostinis will pair perfectly with your holiday menus. LAMB CROSTINI Ingredients Lamb Chop Marinade 1/4 cup olive oil1 lemon juiced3-4 cloves garlic minced1 teaspoon salt3-4 tablespoons parsley chopped1-pound American lamb sirloin chops - about 3 small chops Orange cranberry sauce 1 cup cranberries1/2 cup orange juice1 cinnamon stick1/2 cup … Continue reading Picture perfect appetizer – Lamb Crostini