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Absinthe of ‘Alice’

Bernard Black (proprietor of Black Books) referred to it as ‘the drink that makes you want to kill yourself.’ Oscar Wilde claimed, ‘After the first glass of absinthe you see things as you wish they were…’, by which he may or may not have meant, ‘that women had penises’, and when he wrote that the liquor was anise-flavored, he did…

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Wicked Delicious Trio; Pears, Pork Loin and Bacon

September gave one last shout to the Pacific Northwest with high winds, torrential downpours and finally flew away entirely with a tornado.  Yes, for real. It was small, with winds whipping at 110 mph, it was on the ground for five minutes and it’s path length was one mile.  Goodbye September. I have always seen October as the beginning of

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