GoatHouse Brewing Co

November 2017  By Elizabeth Smith One of my first weekend trips to Placer County, California, included a stop at GoatHouse Brewing, which recently celebrating four years in business. A few visits later, after their Farm Yoga experience, I caught up with co-owner, Catherine Johnson, about what it’s like to live the dream: owning a craft brewery which produces its own hops and raises its own … Continue reading GoatHouse Brewing Co

Summer Flavor Trends         

June 2017 by Ginger Johnson      Summer is upon us and beer is abundant. I often joke that Beer Season is from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Truth for all of us though is that there are flavorful beers available year-round. We’re living in a luckily robust gustatory age. So, what flavors are hot this summer for beer? According to a number of online … Continue reading Summer Flavor Trends         

Beer Everywhere…And Then Some! by Ginger Johnson

Beer, beer, and more beer. With the explosion of breweries opening in America right now it’s a surprise we aren’t floating down the streets in boats buoyed by the beverage. Beer’s wonderful. It’s flavorful, social, herstorical, elegant, and simple. And…we need to zoom out. Beer is one of the beverages many people around the globe choose after work, for a meal, in a recipe and … Continue reading Beer Everywhere…And Then Some! by Ginger Johnson

Brewer Count Continues Record-Breaking Rise in 2013

The United States saw an ever-higher number of new breweries enter the market in 2013, with a record-high 3,699 active ‘permitted breweries’ overseen by the Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). An analysis by the Beer Institute showed that the majority of the 948 new permits issued in 2013 went to brewpubs. The Beer Institute analysis showed that four states account for one-third of … Continue reading Brewer Count Continues Record-Breaking Rise in 2013

A Beer For St. Valentine

St. Valentine lost his head. Well, he didn’t loose it so much as it was removed for him in or around the year 270. Read this hair-raising tale. And while you don’t have to loose your head this Valentine’s day, you can enjoy the love of beer for this unique holiday. We’re so fortunate to have an extremely broad range of flavors and ingredients in … Continue reading A Beer For St. Valentine

Pump(kin) up your beer! by Ginger Johnson

Fall is not only in the air, it’s in your beer. As harvests continue and bloom into full hay wagons full of squash and produce, look for pumpkin beers to try. Having done a pumpkin beer sampling at an event last fall, I can tell you that they are widely different in their flavors, sweetness and dryness. Some will smell and taste like pumpkin pie … Continue reading Pump(kin) up your beer! by Ginger Johnson

Less Labor, More Fun by Ginger Johnson

Easy can be great when it’s also easy on the environment, your wallet, and planning. So let’s look at how easy and tasty beer can be for your Labor Day plans! 1. Grilling with Beerinades. I’ve covered them before, and I’ll share the idea again. Beerinades – wherein you use beer as a main flavorful liquid in which to soak your grilled goodies is an … Continue reading Less Labor, More Fun by Ginger Johnson