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March Madness finger foods to heat up your crowd

How does your bracket stack up? With March Madness here, finger foods to add extra excitement to your game day buffet are on the menu, and we have been collecting recipes that are sure to please your hungry basketball crowd. Our go-to sauce for creating restaurant-style flavors through the games is Frank’s RedHot, and our menu picks for this year include all your favorite game

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Game-Day Menu; Bloody Mary’s and Baby Back Ribs

We all have our favorite foods to eat with our hands on game-day.  Would it really  be a pigskin party without chicken wings and the ultimate finger food, baby back ribs? You have heard me say it before and I am shouting it out again.  It is much more fun to watch the game and enjoy your guests than to

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Game-Day Appetizers & Finger Foods

Getting ready for the big games this weekend doesn’t just mean cleaning the family room or man-cave, putting out the props and buying a brew or two.  There is quite a bit of prep work involved in planning, shopping and preparing a feast for the hungry, and loud,  masses during the playoff’s. My favorite food for game-day is not a

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