Wines for your 4th of July Celebration by Jack Chase

The 4th of July is upon us again and whether you are traveling or staying home and firing up the grill, you still have to make the decision on what to drink for this summer time celebration. I know that most of us trend toward a cold beer but, let us not forget there are plenty of great wines out there to compliment your menu. … Continue reading Wines for your 4th of July Celebration by Jack Chase

BBQ Stands For…by Ginger Johnson

BBQ Stands For…   Perhaps BBQ stands for Beer & Barbecue Quenches. Perhaps BBQ can mean Bring Beer Quickly! Whatever you want it to mean, this holiday enjoy the flavors of beer in tandem with your barbecuing adventures.   As I look forward to being a special guest at the Toronto Festival of Beer in the Grilling Tent, my mouth waters with possibilities. See, life is not only your … Continue reading BBQ Stands For…by Ginger Johnson

Grilling with Beer Marinades

Each week Your Home’s Beer Specialist, Ginger Johnson of Women Enjoying Beer submits an article edutaining, her own fantastically creative term by the way, us about beer, pairings and recipes.  This week she has my head bubbling and brewing with her post about barbecues and beerinades, marinades with beer, another entry in to her fabulous unique lingo dictionary, and I couldn’t help but to go on the … Continue reading Grilling with Beer Marinades

Delicious Ideas for Dad

Father’s Day is around the corner and a friend of mine has asked for a few ideas for her Dad’s special day.  “Each year, she said with mild frustration, we do the same thing for him.  Grill steak, toss baked potatoes in the oven and my sister brings a pie.  Please help….” We sat and talked about what her menu for Father’s Day and I … Continue reading Delicious Ideas for Dad

Summer Grilling and the Creation of “Beerinades” by Ginger Johnson

  Hang on…let me wipe my mouth. After I read the post on grilled salads from Karie earlier this week, nothing else has been on my flavor brain! I’ll be the first in line to create or order a well made steak salad…or scallop salad…and other delicious, creative, healthy and delightful salads. Here’s the best part: I’m going to share a few ideas on how … Continue reading Summer Grilling and the Creation of “Beerinades” by Ginger Johnson

Simple Summer Pairings; Pairing the Right Wine with Warm Weather Favorites

The irony of sitting down and writing this article is that my heater is on in my house and it is pouring rain. It is time to get a little imaginative. Let’s pretend it is 80 degrees, you have been playing on your boat all day, returned home and it is time to sit out on the deck with a few summer favorites. Let’s begin … Continue reading Simple Summer Pairings; Pairing the Right Wine with Warm Weather Favorites

Sizzling Grilled Summer Salads

Firing up the grill for weeknight meals is such a fantastic way to prepare quick and delicious meals that require little clean up.  Add a side dish or two, perhaps potato  or pasta salad prepped and added to the fridge the evening before, or even simply a great green salad with the grilled meat or seafood of your choice is another delicious option. Our focus … Continue reading Sizzling Grilled Summer Salads

Backyard Grilling; The Magic of Summer

We are back today and sharing the love of the grill.  Summer time is just around the corner and that means months of barbecue weather and we are collecting recipes! A cookout, barbecue, backyard party….whatever your best loved term for it is, is a fav of ours because of pre-prep time.  Most of the work is done the day before or the morning of, leaving … Continue reading Backyard Grilling; The Magic of Summer

Backyard Entertaining; It’s Grilling Time!

The grill has been warming up and we are looking towards a fabulous three day weekend to show off our “Master of the Grill” prowess.  Having friends and family assemble in one space is a joy to the heart, fulfilling to the soul and when everyone brings a favorite dish or two to the party, it completes the long awaited fellowship. Summer time gatherings, potlucks … Continue reading Backyard Entertaining; It’s Grilling Time!

On the Menu; Weeknight Recipes

Whether we are grilling, baking or smoking, chicken is on the menu and when it’s accompanied with a great sauce, it encourages endless flavor and pairing possibilities. Chicken Marsala ~ by Saveur Magazine.  This is one of my favorite recipes, not only because of the tremendous flavor of the dish, also because of it’s simplicity.   It’s a great dish to serve to guests, it … Continue reading On the Menu; Weeknight Recipes