Grilling Tips and Tricks and Yummy Grilled Pizza

Despite the day noted on the calendar, my husband Neil as well as our older boys won’t hesitate to fire up the grill- winter, spring, summer and fall. During the comfortable days of spring, summer and fall it’s our daily companion for meal preparation. When the snow begins to fly it is relocated into our garage for winter use.  Our grill is no respecter of seasons. There’s one thing though… Neil won’t … Continue reading Grilling Tips and Tricks and Yummy Grilled Pizza

Reel it in and serve it up; delicious salmon recipes

Fishermen and women have been lining the banks of local rivers pulling in some fabulous looking salmon this late summer season.  With so many recipes and prep methods for this tasty delight, we thought we would share a few of our favorites with you. Smoked Salmon Crisps contributed by Thomas Keller to Food and Wine.  A gorgeous appetizer with simple and delicious flavors that work … Continue reading Reel it in and serve it up; delicious salmon recipes

Summers last hurrah; Labor Day grilling

Leaves are changing color, the morning air has taken a cool, crisp edge and the days are shortening.  Grills everywhere are going to get a workout as friends and family make this one last traveling vacation weekend of the year really count.  It’s the annual last hurrah, of summer. Whether you are providing the entire fare for your friends and fam or you are packing … Continue reading Summers last hurrah; Labor Day grilling

Wines for your 4th of July Celebration by Jack Chase

The 4th of July is upon us again and whether you are traveling or staying home and firing up the grill, you still have to make the decision on what to drink for this summer time celebration. I know that most of us trend toward a cold beer but, let us not forget there are plenty of great wines out there to compliment your menu. … Continue reading Wines for your 4th of July Celebration by Jack Chase

BBQ Stands For…by Ginger Johnson

BBQ Stands For…   Perhaps BBQ stands for Beer & Barbecue Quenches. Perhaps BBQ can mean Bring Beer Quickly! Whatever you want it to mean, this holiday enjoy the flavors of beer in tandem with your barbecuing adventures.   As I look forward to being a special guest at the Toronto Festival of Beer in the Grilling Tent, my mouth waters with possibilities. See, life is not only your … Continue reading BBQ Stands For…by Ginger Johnson

Grilling with Beer Marinades

Each week Your Home’s Beer Specialist, Ginger Johnson of Women Enjoying Beer submits an article edutaining, her own fantastically creative term by the way, us about beer, pairings and recipes.  This week she has my head bubbling and brewing with her post about barbecues and beerinades, marinades with beer, another entry in to her fabulous unique lingo dictionary, and I couldn’t help but to go on the … Continue reading Grilling with Beer Marinades

Delicious Ideas for Dad

Father’s Day is around the corner and a friend of mine has asked for a few ideas for her Dad’s special day.  “Each year, she said with mild frustration, we do the same thing for him.  Grill steak, toss baked potatoes in the oven and my sister brings a pie.  Please help….” We sat and talked about what her menu for Father’s Day and I … Continue reading Delicious Ideas for Dad